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Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • Rocksaurus
    Oct 28, 06:30 PM
    Yes, big parts of it come from the BSD world.

    The BSD terms specifically allow derivatives to keep their sources closed, as long as credit is given.

    Okay. Everyone's got their own morals, but if a few people are putting OS X on their PCs, I don't see it as a huge issue. Given how complicated it is it's not really a *problem*. But if a rich company like Apple takes a free thing and makes money off of it and only gives some of it back to the community that created it and gave it away, that seems less moral (this is my opinion) regardless of what the legal documents say.

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  • justin bieber six pack abs. jb Justin+ieber+six+pack+; jb Justin+ieber+six+pack+. iJohnHenry. Apr 27, 04:49 PM. Before Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered

  • Rocketman
    Oct 3, 03:54 PM
    the VAST majority of users and customers neither know nor care. And to be perfectly honest, the speed difference in 99% of the things people use their computers for are unnoticeable.

    Their business is great, and more importantly, their big push right now is obviously iPods for the holiday season. This is a much more popular gift item, and the holiday shopping season is barely gearing up.

    I agree.

    Also they are having a real problem keeping up with MacBook sales, even with Yonah (C1D) and THAT is their current manufacturing focus. For a change, it is NOT caused by chip shortages either! It is a manufacturing shortage. That is a great problem to have!!


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  • The Scotsman
    Jan 12, 06:36 PM
    Look, people--

    There is nothing amazingly new or innovative technology-wise in the iPhone. Everything in it has been done before, and it does not even employ some of the latest (3G) features that its competition does.

    Niether did the original iPod. Grasshopper, go and learn from Thread #500. People thought that product was "crippled" by high price and no new technology ("An overpriced HDD-based mp3 player with a B&W LCD display? Who cares?").

    I predict that Apple will have 20% of the entire cell phone market and 50+% of the high-end communication device within three years of its June release. That will mean 150-200 million units.

    In the intervening six months before formal release, or shortly thereafter, some of the smaller issues will be attended to (like the ability to at least open and review MS files, sync'ing issues, interfacing w/iTunes Store, what have you). The rest won't matter.

    Apple does not sell products, people. They sell personal productivity, great user experiences, wow and chic. This phone phone meets all of those criteria. For consumer devices like these, a streamlined and intuitive user experience is like money in the bank. The only thing innovative about the iPod is the stupid click-wheel, and yet 75% of the ENTIRE aac/mp3 player market is controlled by ONE COMPANY. The one with the click-wheel.

    So it is with this product. If the final build quality of the unit proves durable, reliable, and cosmetically superior, and the unit functions as billed, it will not only make a huge forray into that giant market, but essentially create a new one.

    Right now, the "smartphone" is really a piece of business equipment. Apple just invented the quintessential "consumer" version of the same product. It doesn't matter that it is expensive or lacks some high-end features. If is actually works as effortlessly and seamlessly as billed, it will become another cultural icon. Apple marketing will see to it that everyone on the planet is aware of how "cool" this device is.

    I'm glad to be on record here. I hope that when this thread is reviewed three years from now, everyone is talking about the foolish naysayers of Thread #3245138 (or whatever this one is).

    I agree with your predictions but I do not think it will be got with the 1st gen iPhone. iPod was not good until a range started and I think the phone will be the same.

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  • Justin Bieber 6 Pack Abs

  • Nekbeth
    Apr 28, 05:48 PM
    Ok fellows, thanks for the waiting, my new house is a mess but at least all my furniture is here now. I follow both of your examples ( wlh99's E-mail project and the great explanation that Knight showed here). I first started a new project in order to avoid confusion and made some changes, the result is what I think " a working timer " with start, stop and reset buttons. If I see the code now it seems a bit obvious why the timer never stopped before. I can tell you right now that I never reset the global variables inside any cancel or reset button thus the timer always continued. I think that the first variable (NSInteger seconds = 0 before the first method) gets called only once after that we reset it to 0 using the reset or cancel method (we can do it separately like knight said), in my case I assign reset to be the one to set that to 0 and cancel to invalid the timer.

    Knight and wh99, if you like to see the project running and tell me your throughs, just give me your E-mail addresses (I have Warren's already) so I can share it with you. For obvious reasons I'm not posting it and if some of you wonder why, it's for same reasons nobody posted the complete working code despite being able to make a timer in less than 3 minutes. (yes, I know it's because you think it would not help me and I understand)

    Special thanks to Knight and wh99 for their patience and instructions.

    Thanks also to everyone who gave his opinion on this matter.

    * Here is photo of the log and UI


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  • justin bieber six pack abs. ieber six pack Can may; ieber six pack Can may. Cabbit. Apr 15, 12:47 PM. Not if you believe HBO!

  • Sydde
    Apr 15, 08:08 PM
    What will be next? Here are some fine suggestions:
    - Gay ArtsI thought that came naturally to them?
    - Gay Phys.Ed.Oh, now that is just weird. I suppose if there are no straights in the class. But anyway you could just teach dance, that would take care of that.
    - Gay Comp.Sci."How do you start a gay computer?"

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  • justin bieber six pack abs.

  • janstett
    Oct 18, 11:32 AM
    For those who aren't intimately familiar with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, I've really gotten into it in the past few months so here's a quick primer:

    Discs will be replaced by downloads? Let me know when I can download a movie in 1080p with lossless 5.1 sound in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps to the iToons generation that thinks 128kbps sound is good you can live with downloaded movies, but for me I don't think CD is good enough (I'm an SACD/DVD-A geek). Likewise I don't think DVD is good enough, why do I want to go backwards (downloadable movies) instead of forward (HD disc)?

    Blu-Ray is the superior format, on paper. No doubt. However, there are a couple of wrenches in the works.

    First, both formats are actually 90% the same. The physical storage medium is based on the same principles (blue laser) but different implementation (mostly depth of the reflective layer in the substrate). Blu-Ray is slightly denser and offers a higher total capacity (50GB vs 34GB, something like that). Blu-Ray is actually sort-of a superset of DVD from there, once you get to what's actually on the disc. HD-DVD has a new encryption layer (they learned from CSS), Blu-Ray uses this same scheme and then puts a 2nd layer of encryption on top of it. Both use the same codecs -- MPEG2, MPEG-4 H.262, and VC1 (Microsoft's codec), and Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pure HD, DTS Plus, etc.

    I believe movie studio support determines who wins. The studios were split 50-50 pretty much. Then, something funny happened. Some HD-DVD studios announced they would ALSO support Blu-Ray. In my mind, that meant Blu-Ray wins.

    The launch came, HD-DVD came out first and Toshiba led the way with a pair of chunky, heavy, PC-based players at $500 and $1000. Everyone hated the Toshiba players, they were slow, unwieldy, and have awful remotes. A few months later Blu-Ray launched with Samsung's $1000 player, and surprisingly this player was AWFUL, and the picture quality looks worse over HDMI than component because they forgot to turn off some video filtering. Worse, the Blu-Ray transfers thus far have been very poor quality. This seems to be because Blu-Ray is leaning towards old MPEG-2 HD transfers, while HD-DVD has embraced VC1 (which is the best of the 3 video codecs for quality and size) and gotten new encodings with Microsoft's attention. Then, Toshiba started putting out firmware updates for their HD-DVD players and suddenly their players didn't suck so bad.

    So here we are; the only Blu-Ray player on the market is a Samsung, Sony has no presence. We're one month away from the launch of the PS3 (which will play Blu-Ray) and the X-Box 360 HD-DVD drive.

    Right now, HD-DVD has all the momentum. The Blu-Ray titles are low quality, they have no $500 player, and HD-DVD is building a head of steam.

    I know I'm the minority around here when I say this, but I don't own an iPod. :eek: Yeah, it's true... I personally don't care for the MP3 format and the lesser quality offerings of iTunes. If it isn't at least CD quality, uncompressed, I don't want it. And yes, I can hear the difference on my sound system which is a separate setup from my home theatre.

    :) I love iPods but I know I'm trading off quality for convenience. Meanwhile, I'm re-ripping all of my hundreds of CDs into Apple lossless format and putting the CDs in storage. It's not SACD, but at least I'll be back to CD quality.


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  • applekid
    Mar 29, 12:26 AM
    Well, it sounds like the cops haven't given up on cracking the case at least. Just hang in there. If there's been so many break-ins in the area, it's time they lay down the law.

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  • Justin Bieber loosen his

  • Seiga
    Apr 8, 01:04 PM
    This is standard practice by their SOP (Standard operating platform) according to company policy. I know, because I used to work at Best Buy. Trust me, there are a lot of other shady things that happen when they say they "hold" for the Sunday ad. Things such as holding the product for friends and family and using the EPPI application. Although, the iPad is already at Cost, so there is really no discount on the product but rather for the accessories.

    Just buy online and not through Best Buy. I refuse to buy anything from Best Buy because of their ethics and practices.


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  • justin bieber six pack pics.

  • Amazing Iceman
    May 4, 08:42 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I've no real need for an iPad and as such, no need for a tablet. But having had a go with the 'competitor's' including the so called iPad killer, Xoom, I think Apple have already won. These iPad ads are just confirming that to the public.

    That's exactly what I thought when the iPad1 came out. I got one last July, under the condition of returning it if I did't like it. After 10 days of using it, I decided to keep it. Now it's my main work tool when I'm on the road, and at home I use it more than my MacBook Pro.

    Maybe you should give it a try too. You may discover what you have been missing all these months...

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  • justin bieber six pack abs.

  • ajiuo
    Apr 9, 06:41 PM
    One thing that bothers me about mac os is that iTunes and apple tv (both great products) are almost becoming a conflict of intrest..

    It seems like mac os has been moving backwards in the multimedia department. QuickTime was hacked to death in snow leopard... Now they are getting rid of front row... And no one is even mentioning Blu-ray support.

    I'll be honest front row doesn't surpize me... I was actualy expecting apple to make a software version of apple tv for mac... Something they can charge for... But no word.

    Digital media may eventually kill blu-ray... But it isn't happening yet... Apple is not going to be able to move people away from optical media the way that they did with the floppy... If you stop putting floppy disk drives on macs... Mac users will have no use for the floppy disk.... But there are millions of Blu-ray and DVD players in use... It's not going away that easy... Building devices like the apple tv might help change the market... But holding out on standard features that windows users enjoy is not.


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  • Zolk
    Nov 23, 09:28 PM
    What time does the sale start online, anyone??
    I'm writing from Atlantic Standard Time (11:27 pm now)

    "Shopping event is available only at the online Apple Store on November 24 from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST and at Apple retail stores."

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  • WOW!! he actuly had lil 6 pack

  • Compile 'em all
    Apr 15, 04:43 PM
    iPhone HD will have flash.


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  • justin bieber six pack abs. 45 of 82. Rob

  • gravytrain84
    Mar 17, 11:38 AM

    justin bieber six pack abs. Justin Bieber shows Rihanna
  • Justin Bieber shows Rihanna

  • techfreak85
    Apr 21, 09:35 PM
    I don't see the ability to vote down posts ending well. I think that a "Thanks" system would be much, much better.


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  • Rihanna: Justin Bieber Flashed

  • ZenErik
    Apr 15, 06:22 PM
    Bad news. I would love Google to make a nice music player, personally. I couldn't care less about buying music from their store as I prefer physical discs. Something with the speediness of foobar and a similar GUI to itunes without all the crap like Ping would be great. Itunes runs perfectly fine on my MBP but often crashes and takes 10 seconds to load up on my ThinkPad even with a SSD.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 23, 04:09 PM
    LTD answer the question that was ask multiple times of you. Your refusal to answer is tell me that you are nothing than someone who will defend apple at all cost and can not think for your self. So please provide reasoning.
    We have provided multiple bad reasons and you have failed to deliver us some good reasonings. Come on we ask you last night and you still have not provided one good reason must less several.

    My answer is that I don't know what purpose it serves, and neither do you. This does not mean it's dangerous.

    Can it be used for nefarious purposes? That depends. No one really knows a lot about it. There's not a whole lot anyone can do by tracking what cell phone towers you were near, unless you've done something you shouldn't have or been somewhere you shouldn't have.

    Is it any reason to get all worked up over?

    Absolutely not. That's my position.

    As for paedophiles using it (LOL you keep coming back to pedos for some reason), judging by the very good informational post by menlotechnical, it's almost impossible for any one individual to access this remotely, nor is there much they could do with it that they can't already do. This isn't key-logging.

    Do you know any paedophiles that have worked this into their master plans? :D How are they accessing it? What's the scenario?

    The fact that there is no good reason for something to exist (and the jury's still out on the actual reason for this - it might be an understandable one), does not immediately mean it's dangerous and that something horrible is going on.

    In fact, it would appear this is normal behaviour for not only the iPhone, but other phones as well.

    There is a galaxy of difference (ah, Samsung pun!) between looking in to the nature of this specific sort of tracking, and slagging on Apple for an egregious violation of your privacy (when for all practical purposes none has actually occurred.)


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  • PhoneyDeveloper
    Apr 27, 07:14 PM
    If I want to open 10 threads on the subject in 10 different forums, well.. **** it.. that is how I like it.

    If you want to take a dump in the pool because "that's the way you like it" that's fine. Don't expect anyone else to like it.

    (I think 2/3 pages in this thread are not related to the code itself, instead everybody is giving his point of view about why or why not Pro developers should help new ones.)

    Obviously you attract that, for some reason.

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  • justin bieber six pack abs.

  • skinned66
    May 4, 04:05 AM
    North American cellular providers are anti-consumer, nickel & diming scumbags? Say it ain't so...

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  • justin bieber fake six pack.

  • Geckotek
    Jan 2, 11:47 PM
    I actually think the numbers will be smaller because even if people say they will leave now, when it comes time to actually do it....only a portion will actually follow through.

    A couple of the issues were caused by some things Apple did incorrectly in the GSM radio. It'll be interesting to see if they do well w/ the CDMA portion.

    Apr 8, 11:58 AM
    You can say that about any consumer product.
    Speaking in general terms, MS has added more to windows, improved performance and reduced the bloat with win7.

    Apple has gone the opposite direction, adding bloat and no major feature since 10.5

    +1. Hopefully Lion will be worth the added system requirements.

    Anyways, he features I've heard that are to new to Windows 8 so far is:

    Sep 25, 11:24 AM
    You are kidding right? There's a whole guide on "next Tuesday" right here on MR.

    The whole post is meant to be a joke. All of those things are true. It's poking fun all the "no new MacBooks, this is a joke, you suck" crowd.

    May 3, 03:23 PM
    Shocking that carriers would take steps to stop people from stealing service from them.

    You did not pay for tethering data. That is a separate charge. By circumventing the system you are stealing. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    It is not a gray area.. it is black and white. The contracts specifically say the data you pay for does not include tethering. Tethering costs extra.

    Contract terms require "consideration" from both parties to be legally binding. Consideration is something you provide to the other party (i.e., money from you, data services from your carrier).

    What consideration are the carriers offering you for tethering? You're already paying $X for Y GB of data used on your phone. It doesn't matter to the carrier if your Netflix app is using it, or your tethering app is sending the data to your laptop. Nothing changes on their end, they just send the data that you've already paid for to your phone, and your phone handles the rest.

    You're right, it is black and white. It's a scam aimed at exploiting consumers like yourself who don't know any better, with an illegal contract term. I hope this goes to court soon, before the carriers in Canada (where I am) try to pull the same BS.

    Jan 5, 04:38 PM
    Feel it people. A million geeks, all achieving orgasm at the same time. It's such a thing of beauty. :)

    Too bad the keynote wasn't set for December 22nd ( instead.

    Sep 12, 12:53 AM
    That's no industry setting price point. For that price you can buy the DVD. watch it, load it on your ipod and the sell it on e-bay.

    G'Day Tangles, welcome to the boards. You're right though, US$20 is a lot of money compared to DVD prices.

    Oh I hope you get the Tangles reference, otherwise I've just made a goose of myself.

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