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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

nicki minaj fat

nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat.
  • nicki minaj fat.

  • tdhurst
    Jan 12, 05:28 PM
    Obviously.:rolleyes: I was responding to the idea that is was somehow ironic (and funny) that such a low-tech device could disrupt such a high-tech show. There are many other low-tech ways to cause problems for exhibitors. You can't have an open, accessible show floor and protect against everyone's idea of a "prank." Exhibitors have to be able to trust that attendees, especially press credentialed attendees, won't make them look foolish in order to drive traffic to their blogs.

    Anyway, I hope you took notice of the real point of my comment:

    That's nothing to laugh about.

    This is more about the prank being done by a Gizmodo employee than the prank itself. If some Joe Blow attendee had done this, the blowback wouldn't have been as bad.

    Credentialed people are held to a higher standard. They are trusted to cover the event, not affect the outcome of it. Any blogger or press member should be embarrassed by this kind of behavior. As a writer and an event planner, I'm pissed in every way imaginable.

    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj Says She Doesnt
  • Nicki Minaj Says She Doesnt

  • iMikeT
    Sep 12, 04:05 AM
    All I can say is that five weeks from now we will see iTunes 8.0 along with a "true" iPod Video.

    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj Fat.
  • Nicki Minaj Fat.

  • parenthesis
    Oct 3, 06:30 PM
    I'm thinking about buying someone one of the "Photo Day" passes as a gift. Any ideas if it's worth the $250?

    (e.g. has anyone gone to a similar event, and was it worth it)

    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes,
  • Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes,

  • Eraserhead
    Mar 4, 09:10 AM
    You should know by noe that fivepoint is only interested in individual freedom when it's an issue he agrees with.

    This case is surprisingly transparent however.


    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat.
  • nicki minaj fat.

  • Rogzilla
    Jan 10, 01:52 AM
    You know what I want?

    A small UMPC tablet, multitouch and pen input. Really, not a replacement computer but something like a large PDA. Something I can take with me, sit and draw/paint, write blogs at WIFI hotspots, make notes in meetings, and work on my various writings (screenplays, short stories, ect), then come home and sync it up with my iMac. A portable alternative for someone who already has a desktop.

    I am still new to this whole Apple my iMac I got a year ago...but I have no idea what to expect.

    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj Getting Close
  • Nicki Minaj Getting Close

  • marco114
    Oct 17, 08:57 AM
    It's VHS vs. BETAMAX all over again. Hopefully this time, the superior technology will prevail.

    What will hurt the adoption of these is that there are too many standards. DVD came out and it was great. One format and it was easy. All these new emerging technologies will make consumers confused and market availability go down, so people will resort to iTunes. Yea! Better go buy more AAPL stock today. It's goin up after earnings tomorrow.


    nicki minaj fat. Birdman grabs the Nicki Minaj
  • Birdman grabs the Nicki Minaj

  • southernpaws
    May 2, 10:33 AM
    Now that people know what they're up to, it's "unintentional", and "bugs". :rolleyes:

    To you and other conspiracy theorists:

    At first I was skeptical at calling it a bug as well. I was convinced by the fact that Apple had nothing to gain by "secretly" slipping it in.

    They weren't sending themselves copies of the consolidated.db file-no actual advantage for apple to have extended logs of the location data. And they're not in the business of data mining, so following the money leads to a dead end.

    The absolute worst case scenario is that this was a careless oversight. There's simply no evidence or motive for malevolence. Sorry.

    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat.
  • nicki minaj fat.

  • fivepoint
    Mar 4, 12:28 PM
    Personally, I find the comparisons of teachers' pay with an 'average private sector employee's pay' downright useless. You're not comparing apples to apples. Do they have the same degree? Is there the same demand/supply of employees? Teachers aren't making 'too much' (compensation should be based on quality of work, value added to society, supply/demand, etc.)... some are making too much, some are making too little. The problem is that its'a an idiotic one-size-fits-all system in which many of them feel 'entitled' to their jobs, entitled to their benefits, entitled to their unions, entitled to their collective bargaining, entitled to their tenure. It's BS. You aren't entitled to anything except for compensation based on how well you do your job.


    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj#39;s big fat cake; Nicki Minaj#39;s big fat cake. Lord Blackadder. Feb 22, 07:28 PM
  • nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj#39;s big fat cake; Nicki Minaj#39;s big fat cake. Lord Blackadder. Feb 22, 07:28 PM

  • true777
    Sep 29, 12:42 AM
    Man, that is a crummy little house by Silicon Valley standards if I ever saw one. I live in the neighboring town (Portola Valley), which is essentially the same as Woodside, and hence know many homes in the area (including the one I live in). And by current standards around here, not having a private bathroom for EACH bedroom, and a LARGE closet, is pretty substandard. Also, to only have *1* walk-in in the master rather than 2 is not good. No home theater? Large gym with panoramic views? Sauna/steam room/? Sun room? Library? Detached guest suite or guest house (in-law/nanny quarters, etc.)? Swimming pool? Hot tub? This honestly doesn't look like a place where a man of his caliber would be living full-time. Of course his house in Palo Alto isn't huge, either, but at least it is charming, historic, enchanted.

    He has a number of kids, so I'm not sure how they would all fit into this small space with their friends when, e.g., everyone comes home for summers, holidays, etc. Typical houses for higher level people in the Woodside area would have at least 6-7 bedrooms, a bathroom for each bedroom, plus several additional half bathrooms, and probably about 10,000 squ. ft.

    Only thing that makes sense to me is that he would view this as his retirement house since it'll only be done ~5 years, anyway. And I suppose for retirement people like to keep it small and simple. That would make sense to me and might hint at when he might be planning on retiring.

    nicki minaj fat. Kim Vs Nicki Minaj battle.
  • Kim Vs Nicki Minaj battle.

  • *LTD*
    Apr 10, 07:37 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    PS... Still got the silly giggles from thinking about the upcoming MS App store. :D:p:eek::p
    You do know that Windows had an App Store before OS X, but it got axed due to it being badly implemented which resulted in lack of custom? All they are doing there is returning and improving one of their own features, not copying Apple.

    You kinda proved her point, rb.


    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat. fat man
  • nicki minaj fat. fat man

  • rdowns
    Mar 4, 01:12 PM
    Okay, I've long suspected it, but this confirms it. You're just a very dedicated troll. No one, no one would take a poll that's seven-months out-of-date and try and pass it off as an accurate representation of current public opinion.


    nicki minaj fat. Photo of Rapper Nicki Minaj
  • Photo of Rapper Nicki Minaj

  • bdj21ya
    Oct 3, 12:43 PM
    but I'm always convinced by ol' Steve that I'l

    Aaron was suddenly whacked by the iLife secret police for even intimating that purchasing yearly upgrades might not be worth it:D


    nicki minaj fat. Before Now! Nicki Minaj has
  • Before Now! Nicki Minaj has

  • thejadedmonkey
    Jan 10, 06:59 PM
    who would have complained if it was microsofts demo pcs that got hacked because of some security vounerability?

    The same people who are complaining now, if it was by a known hacker who supposedly worked for the good of everything.

    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj Fat Box. Nicki Minaj – The Nicki Effect; Nicki Minaj – The Nicki Effect. striker33. Mar 23, 04:33 PM
  • Nicki Minaj Fat Box. Nicki Minaj – The Nicki Effect; Nicki Minaj – The Nicki Effect. striker33. Mar 23, 04:33 PM

  • Amazing Iceman
    May 4, 11:39 AM
    In iTunes you can see a banner ad that says "Apps from iPad TV ads." That will take you to a page where you will see the apps.

    Thanks, but as I wrote on my original post, I have already checked there but the list was not updated with the apps featured in the latest Ad.


    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat booty pics.
  • nicki minaj fat booty pics.

  • Prodo123
    Mar 18, 10:21 PM
    So far people have told me why my iPhone 4 is inferior to other phones, and the reasons are ridiculous.
    "It looks bad" LOL.
    "It's made of glass" I have iArmor Casing (Reference to that steel back photo at 9to5mac)
    "Its camera has less megapixels than mine" It shoots with better color balance.
    "It's expensive" It costs as much as any other smartphone.
    "It's too flat" It doesn't wobble around when I put it on the table.
    "It's rectangular" It doesn't slip out of my hand, like pod-shaped phones.
    "It's fragile" Again, iArmor Casing and 6 feet drops have not destroyed my phone yet.
    "Customer service sucks" LOLOLOL.
    "Antennagate much?" Never happened to me.
    "You can't remove the battery" The battery doesn't need removing; it never dies.
    "My phone shoots 1080p" Good luck storing 8 5-minute 1080p videos on a 16GB phone.
    "Apple Fanboy" Thunderbolt is a good phone, and Apple has some serious issues with labor.
    "App Store isn't open to everybody" and therefore has more reliable apps.
    "Screen is too small" 326ppi makes up for it.
    "iPhone 4 is slow" LOL.
    "AT&T sucks" ...Moving on :D

    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj
  • nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj

  • pakyooh
    Apr 11, 03:14 PM
    About damn time too...

    Looking forward to shooting with this new gear...

    Jealousy kicked in all of a sudden. I'm still saving up for mine. For now trying to convince myself that my T1i is still good.

    And here's my last online purchase.. iPhone 4 Case..
    Really like it but I know its not going to last long.


    nicki minaj fat. Nicki Minaj Fat Box.
  • Nicki Minaj Fat Box.

  • ozontheroad
    Nov 16, 10:45 PM
    I threw up in my mouth a little bit� for a month with the Intel switch.

    I may have to hospitalized if this actually happens.

    You can't TM that... I remember Jack saying that on Will&Grace like 3 seasons ago. :D

    also used in Dodgeball

    By the way I hope this rumor isn't true.

    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat.
  • nicki minaj fat.

  • marmotmammal
    Mar 24, 05:27 PM
    Core audio and core midi stabilized music processing at the operating system level, often driver-free, vis-a-vis OS9 or 8, and Windoze OS. X pretty much killed BeOS.

    nicki minaj fat. nicki minaj fat box. nicki
  • nicki minaj fat box. nicki

  • arn
    Apr 21, 10:37 AM

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    Apr 15, 04:43 PM
    the way it tapers in the back... no way ive would let that happen

    Aug 14, 01:52 AM
    You're telling me they haven't recouped costs for designing the things yet? Or that we should always have to pay..

    Sep 7, 09:54 PM
    And he sucked.

    Oct 19, 10:16 AM
    The market share (and Princeton report) are favorable news for the Mac platform and for Apple.

    But it is interesting to read this from Gartner, in the light that this very same Company is also in the news right now for their "Macs should be made by Dell" splash (actual paper was "Apple Should License the Mac to Dell")

    In conjunction with this articles observation that Dell's PC marketshare has been sliding (lost worldwide #1 to HP, etc), along with business reports that aren't rosey on Dell's margins (nor their get well plan, which isn't working), the newsfolk who picked up on Gartner really got their headline wrong. It really should have been IMO:

    "Dell sliding bad - needs rescue in form of Mac licence from Apple".

    In said report (the other one, not this one) Gartner suggested that 'Apple should concentrate on what it does best - create software - and make use of Dell's production and distribution infrastructure.' In this report, there's not a peep of such 'black clouds on the horizon' for Apple ... must be two different guys in the Gartner shop :)

    Quite interesting, since the bottom line right now is that the Mac Pro is known to be less expensive than the Dell equivalent, for what does that suggest about expertise in cutting deals with Intel, and efficiently running production & distrubution?

    The reality is that Apple generally contracts out much of their manufacturing, true. However, so does Dell. As such, why should Apple bother to pay to go through Dell? That's called using a "Middle Man" and this intermediate step would increase costs, which would then either lower Apple's unit profits, or force them to raise prices ... which hearkens the 'Macs cost more' paradigm.

    This is why Gartner's suggestion seems to be more aimed to help Dell through their current fiscal troubles but does not help Apple in any meaningful way at this time.

    Perhaps Apple will need Dell for access to Dell's assemblers, but that would only occur when Apple's total market share gets huge - say exceeds 33%. Barring a Vista-catastrophy, at the current rate of market share growth, we're still more than a year or two away from having to cross that bridge, which ironically gives Michael Dell plenty of time to become more retrospective and apologetic about inflammatory comments he has made of Apple in the past.


    PS: if you look more closely at Apple's 3Q numbers, you'll see that desktop sales were relatively flat: the growth was in laptops.

    Mar 29, 06:54 AM
    The cops are working on background info on both houses to try and get a warrant. It seems there have been other break-ins in the area and they are hoping to catch the guy (or girl) who has been doing it. Right now, my 360 showing up on my network has been the biggest lead they have gotten because it narrows down the area by quite a bit.

    Glad to hear this. Hopefully you'll get your 360 back soon!

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