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Friday, June 3, 2011

thank you movie poster

thank you movie poster. Thank You All Very Much - 11 x
  • Thank You All Very Much - 11 x

  • Huntn
    Mar 3, 11:12 AM
    I've now got 12 steps on my suggestion for fixing the economy. :D Post No.40.

    7. Stop supporting Illegal Immigrants- We can't afford the cost of rounding up millions of illegals and deporting them. Enact policies that go after employers. If they can't get hired, eventually they will go back home. In Minnesota I remember when all the house building crews were made up of locals. Now they are all Hispanics. Don't get me wrong, my wife is Hispanic so I have nothing against Hispanics nor immigrants, just illegal ones. And if an illegal alien has a kid here, do not give that kid citizen status. We do have the right to have and enforce citizenship standards.
    9. Taxes vs Services- Have a NO **** discussion on taxes vs services we want government to supply. Don't just run a "I'll lower your taxes" campaign.
    10. Push for Domestic Manufacturing and a Level World Wide Playing Field- It's a social, economic, and security issue. If we can't can't dump toxic waste in the river but China can, we can't compete. There is a price to pay for cheap products- the loss of our jobs and the degradation of our environment. And it is self reinforcing. Once we lose our jobs, all we can afford is the cheap product. Of course the few in charge of the corporate machine will do quite well for themselves as always.

    For the record, they are paying their fair share. The top 50% of wage earners pay over 95% of the income tax. Your disgusting attack on all conservatives wanting to '****' over all citizens is just that... disgusting.

    I don't have time to respond to all of your points this morning. I'll try later. But where did you come up with 95%? This chart ( seems to disagree with you.

    Btw, post WWII, the top tax rates in this country used to be way up there, like 90%. That was fair imo because after you achieve so much income, how much more do you really need? What does it take to live comfortably- $1M per year, $5M? Shoot I'd be happy with $500k per year.

    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster.
  • thank you movie poster.

  • MacMan86
    Apr 27, 07:00 PM
    educating people as an industry? Who does jobs think he is? Most of the population may be below average to his economical standards... but what the f was that? People know more than he thinks... It is simple for Apple to track anyone on a cellular network and using an iPhone... but it isn't worth the legal risk is it, if the person's' being tracked isn't worth it... but if Apple or anyone really wanted to... there is nothing to stop it with the infrastructure of iOS and cellular networks today...

    What proportion of iPhone users do you think understand what a cache is? How about what cell tower triangulation is? How about the Core Location framework? Most people don't understand the finer points of how their phone works. The vast majority don't care and just want it to work and not do anything nefarious. As phones get smarter, there are only going to be more things that people don't understand - I think he makes a fair point.

    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • Kingsnapped
    Aug 16, 12:52 AM

    I... robot. I... robot. I... robot.

    Get it?

    thank you movie poster. Following up 2005#39;s Thank You
  • Following up 2005#39;s Thank You

  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 25, 03:04 AM
    I can imagine that Apple provides detailed specs to the manufacturers of the glass and that there is a bidding process involved. That means that any deviation from the provided specs after production will have to be corrected at the cost and time of the manufacturer, not Apple.

    If this is actually the case, than the manufacturer can even be held accountable for the loss in sales.

    More likely it was Apple's fault for specifying either a nearly unachievable spec or for giving a bad material specification.


    thank you movie poster. Thank you for clarifying that
  • Thank you for clarifying that

    May 6, 05:33 PM
    I have recently reinstalled Snow Leopard on my Macbook Pro. I am wondering, from the migrant Assistant, where it says to restore apps, can I just select the ones I want to reinstall rather than install ALL of them?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    thank you movie poster. Thank You
  • Thank You

  • untypoed
    Apr 12, 05:49 PM
    i just use the boring wallpaper that came with the macbook pro...i feel lame...these are so beautiful

    Show it anyways. :cool:


    thank you movie poster. Thank You for Smoking Poster
  • Thank You for Smoking Poster

  • sinsin07
    Apr 30, 07:56 PM
    This instantly made me think of Laputa: Castle in the sky as well as the Laputa in gulliver's travels.

    I think apple should go for this over iCloud. It's a brilliant idea to brand a cloud related service as a castle. It just fits. They can even claim that it's "magic as a castle in the sky"

    It's corny.

    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. the
  • thank you movie poster. the

  • medea
    Jul 8, 08:58 PM
    hmm, that's no good, anyone know of an app that might do this then?


    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • Yuniverse
    Mar 25, 12:08 PM
    This may only happen if they get rid of the consumer-quality GPS receiver in it. Would raise the price of the handset, though.

    It's more than likely going to be the use of their own software (iMaps?) rather than use Google which has their own Mobile OS now.

    the GPS and the antenna in iPhone 4 certainly works well enough. Infact, it's better than my standalone TomTom. But I see your point... TomTom is one of the consumer-quality GPS.

    thank you movie poster. thankyou-movieposter
  • thankyou-movieposter

  • McGiord
    Apr 7, 07:33 PM
    The controllers are really needed.

    The Atari Joystick is the best video game controller of all time.
    The trackball is a must for playing games like centipede or millipede.
    And playing breakout or kaboom without a paddle controller is not the same.

    As mentioned above the iCade has to include a trackball.

    Maybe a bluetooth adapter could be used to use the old controllers?

    I hope that Activision also release their games.

    Where is Space Invaders?


    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • marksman
    Apr 28, 06:26 PM
    This just proves a lot of the verizon fanboys were all liars. They actually secretly switched to AT&T and got the iPhone already.


    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • 0815
    Apr 7, 10:59 AM
    Yeah, but that sounds like a Microsoft solution.

    not really ... MS Solution would be to reboot.


    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • Nishi100
    Apr 30, 07:15 PM
    Wait a minute, let me just put my music in my castle.

    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • vniow
    Jul 19, 03:03 PM
    I bought a song from the iTMS a couple days ago (Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlin - Silence) and I can't get ot downloaded.

    I'm on dial-up but I don't think that's the problem since I've already bought two entire albums from there (one a day after I bought this) and both downloaded flawlessly, just not this particular song, anybody know how to fix this or anything?




    thank you movie poster. thank you movie poster. thank
  • thank you movie poster. thank

  • paul4339
    Apr 13, 11:54 AM
    For people who own the iPhone 4 and are happy with iPhone 5 being pushed back (so your phone still feel 'new'), this delay only means the iPhone 6 (the one that most of the iPhone 4 owners will be upgrading to) will also be pushed back when it comes to 2012. If Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in September or later, the iPhone 6 will be out September 2012 at the earliest.

    So basically, the whole timeline for bi-annual upgrade got screwed… (well, only for early buyers anyway.)

    things are 'pushed back' only if there is an original promised date - which there isn't. But let's say there is an 'expected' mid-summer release, and the product actually came out in Sept; there's still nothing to say apple won't release another iPhone in mid-summer in 2012.

    Basically it's all guess-work.

    thank you movie poster. thank you movie posters,
  • thank you movie posters,

  • vong
    Dec 4, 09:56 AM


    thank you movie poster. Thank You!
  • Thank You!

  • simon202
    Jul 10, 06:12 PM

    Just checked on my O2 account and my iPhone is also being delivered by DHL tomorrow :eek: didn't think my order had been processed as I'm existing iPhone user and got caught up in O2 web order disaster.

    This has put the biggest smile on my face :D

    thank you movie poster. Thank you Diane!
  • Thank you Diane!

  • MacBytes
    Jun 27, 11:55 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Caf� Macs officially debuts its Mac community website. (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

    thank you movie poster. Thank You Movie Poster,
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  • Mexbearpig
    Dec 25, 01:07 PM
    I got...
    Toy story 3
    Some little headphones
    Targus iPad case and stylus
    Black leather vans
    Famous stars and straps shirt
    Mini RC helicopter (Best gift)
    10foot iPod sync cable(much needed for charging)

    Great day so far :). Merry Christmas everyone.

    Apr 29, 09:24 PM
    However, look at the profits and Apple makes around the same or more than the entire Samsung conglomerate with 1/5 the workforce.

    How much does samsung conglomerate make and how much does apple make? Can't find the numbers

    Feb 11, 03:00 PM
    anyone know where i can get this wallpaper?

    Apr 7, 01:50 AM
    ^^ Agreed. I sure wish those were in the States...

    Oct 5, 05:53 PM
    This is my first post. It takes a lot for me to stop being a lurker, but the idea that any user can resize a textarea on a site I design, dynamically redrawing the page, is among the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. This will break valid page layouts in new and unheard of ways. Designers make form elements a size and shape for a reason.

    I look forward to finding a way using JavaScript to disable that feature the day that browser is released.

    On the contrary, resizeable textareas are part of the CSS3 standard; Safari 3.0 will simply be the first mainstream browser to implement it. Once you try it, I promise you will not want to go back. It's really a non-issue, and I'm surprised anybody's complaining about it to the point they would disable this end-user feature using JavaScript. I'll just disable JavaScript on your site, then, buddy.

    May 5, 05:54 PM
    Restoring should do the trick

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