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Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • jrko
    Apr 4, 12:02 PM
    should mention that after I put the new cpu compound in it took a few goes to restart properly, locking up and one 'you must restart your computer'. Then all was well.

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  • eric_n_dfw
    Feb 9, 10:32 AM
    Why is a calling feature tied to a messaging one?

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  • Missjenna
    Apr 28, 05:56 PM
    Do you happen to have music bar extended installed? I found that was causing my crash/respring issue.

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  • reubs
    Feb 1, 03:39 PM
    A little American Psycho this month.



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  • kavika411
    Mar 17, 07:50 PM
    [Bunches of "research"]
    There goes CorvusCamenarum, messing up a perfectly good party with so-called "research."

    Don't you understand? We only look into original sources if the OP is anti-Democrat.


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  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 09:09 AM
    Except that I don't jailbreak my iPad. :p I do however work in an electronics repair shop, and we do jailbreaking/unlocking for customers sometimes. Apple is beating down the jailbreak community pretty well recently. It's a pain for me because it means lots of customers coming in complaining that their jailbreak/unlock is gone. ;)

    I can see your pain. :)

    But I would assume you also warn your customers about what they are doing don't you? It should be a known risk.


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  • lukefinch
    Jun 2, 11:33 AM
    Here it is. The original images were created on Adobe Photoshop and the Gif was compiled on Adobe Fireworks.

    No Macs were harmed by Adobe Flash in the making of this avatar. You're welcome Steve Jobs!;)


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  • jrko
    Apr 26, 06:43 AM
    Unfortunately the heat sink/fan has become detached.

    Can I use the MX-2 paste I used on the CPU's?


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  • twoodcc
    Dec 25, 04:31 PM
    yeah there's no doubt about it, we need more users. i think we need to get more active on here, and then more users will come.

    we really need more users with those new mac pros that can run the bigadv units. i'm doing all i can, but we need a lot more

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  • JoeG4
    Jan 11, 12:10 AM
    I'm pulling this one a bit out of nowhere, but I've once heard that the whole thing with diesel not being popular in the US is a bit of a convenient balance, since you can split petroleum into gas and get diesel as a byproduct, so it's nice to have a balance.


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  • JAT
    Apr 13, 10:33 AM
    Apple's probably gone to DEFCON 1 after last year's prototype theft, so the iPhone 5 is delayed because everything is taking longer due to security clearances.

    I would say DEFCON1, but 5 will still come out at the normal time. I think the rumor mill is going to be far less useful this year, after what happened with the prototypes and rumors last year. I have no doubt Apple is being even more secretive for possibly even going back to spreading false rumors themselves.

    That said, I wouldn't expect much upgrade for the 5. Maybe faster cpu/gpu, 8mp rear cam, universal radio, antenna tweak. Other than the antenna, those are really minor changes, despite what spec-whores will say. Maybe LTE for Verizon, but that doesn't seem too likely right now since ATT and others don't have anything ready for 4G.

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  • cube
    Apr 20, 03:15 PM
    What are they calling a smartphone? Any Series 60 phone is a smartphone.


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  • InsiderApps
    Jun 23, 02:10 PM
    I'll be there from 7am, I hope there are other people going!

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  • E3BK
    Jan 7, 04:21 PM
    As it seems that Tweetie will never re-implement the old RT style, I've been playing with a few other apps. I don't mind paying for apps that give me what I'm looking for. I cross my fingers for an update but I doubt I will ever pay for another app from Loren. Unfortunate since it was my favorite app until the last update. I paid for it twice and recommended it to so many people. The RT style is a big deal to me. Sorry. His unwillingness to listen to users that paid for his app really bothers me.

    Twittelator is feature packed but maybe too much so? There's a lot of control over the look but it just always feels cluttered to me.

    Simplytweet is also a pretty good app but a bit outdated as they haven't updated in a while with the new features. But it's a nice simple app with Push. The dev is working on a new app and I'm really looking forward to it. I got this for free when it was first released and I'd be willing to pay for the new app if it looks good.

    Twitbird Pro is another one I got for free when it was first released and I've started using it again since the last update. It rocks my socks! I've not paid for the push feature but I really don't need it since I get an SMS when I get DM's and check it often enough. lol. I love the themes and how you can change the background image. It has all the features I want and none of that extra crap no one uses. Who the hell cares about Favstar????

    One thing I *really* want to see more of is being able to post to Flickr. That is probably one of the things I miss most about Tweetie (even though it's not native).


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  • torbjoern
    Mar 16, 04:20 PM
    Her clothes said it was ok... so it's that eleven-year-old girl's fault?

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  • macingman
    May 5, 10:08 PM
    Your jailbreak either screwed up or you have changed some sort of setting in activater or SBsettings.

    Have you done anything with activiator or SBsettings and if so what?


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  • weitzner
    Nov 29, 12:53 PM
    The best way to avoid the experience of the music industry is to respond to a changing market and give people what they want before they get mad enough to expend the effort to just take it and feel justified.

    I couldn't agree with you more. The current model that the MPAA and the RIAA are trying to preserve is simply irrelevent with the advent of digital media as a realistic and easily obtainable alternative. They had a chance to embrace it and make serious changes to the way they do things (i.e. find some way to deliver content at essentially no cost to the consumer but still turn a profit through ads and other sponsorship, which would work because the cost of producing the content is decreasing really quickly) but they chose to fight it and they can't win. The iTS is a compromise between the two, but I'll stick to free media and pay to go to concerts for bands I like and see some movies in the theatres.

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  • fairoasis
    Feb 23, 11:38 AM
    Just ran across this on Macworld.

    Just updated it myself but haven't had time to check changes.

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  • Northgrove
    Apr 29, 04:47 AM
    Patents like this are so annoying,069,055.PN.&OS=PN/7,069,055&RS=PN/7,069,055

    So basically Samsung has patented: A clock with multiple time zones in a mobile phone.

    How on Earth is a patent like that supposed to promote innovation?
    (the original reason we got the patent system back some centuries ago)

    Also, this one just makes me want to tear my hair out,009,626.PN.&OS=PN/7,009,626&RS=PN/7,009,626

    Apple will surely manage this, but what about the independent developer with no huge pile of cash to throw at some lawyers? THAT is the problem here.. :(

    Nov 20, 12:11 PM
    I think Apple will incorporate this type of functionality into their first phone. Why the heck else would people buy it, because it's pretty?! It has to have enough sweet features to convince people to drop their current phone and maybe even contract, otherwise it's going to be a huge and very very well publicized flop. They've gotten a lot of free press lately on the iPhone so they can't screw this up or the general public (not just us mac geeks) will hear about it.

    Apr 30, 08:41 PM
    FYI Lion Preview 3 has fixed automator! :)

    On a side note it broke safari as it now opens the last web page viewed no matter what you set your preferences to. :(

    Oct 6, 08:21 AM
    [...] This would just mean us designers would have to spend that much more time envisioning what would happen if a user resized every form element on every page and incorporating it into our layouts. This is why I hope there's a way to disable it outright.

    You already have to envision what will happen when a user changes the text size. The web is not print or TV, it's supposed to be flexible and to be controlled by the user, not the designer. Your website should look good wether the user changes the text size, disables plug-ins, disables images or even disables CSS.

    Granted, the website won't look exactly the same in each case, but the content and the structure should be visible in all cases if the website is coded properly. That's the power of CSS and structured content.

    Using javascript to disable a browser feature (like the useless "disable right-click" one) is working against your viewers. A simple "disable javascript" will also bypass your script.

    Ha ze
    Nov 21, 05:22 PM
    perhaps as far as adding things to phones a cell phone has topped out?

    now the solutions to "good ones" are just to organize and simplify what they already have and thats how Apple will be able to do the same as iPod with iPhone.

    One item i wish i had would be the ability to organize people by where i know them or something like a "playlist" or folder set up. you know, work people, school people, restaurants etc... i think it would make browsing through the phone book a bit nicer

    Oct 13, 01:28 AM
    Gotta go with the classics:

    Original here. (

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