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Thursday, June 2, 2011

passed out people

passed out people. of the passed out people
  • of the passed out people

  • SRSound
    Nov 20, 04:38 PM
    Yuck, windows key?

    wow. I didnt even notice that when I made it.

    Elrond39 Yeah, that's what I was going for...

    passed out people. They passed out candidates#39;
  • They passed out candidates#39;

  • JoeG4
    Nov 19, 04:11 PM
    Isn't there some kinda law against price fixing like this?

    passed out people. I decided to capture the unspoken world of the festival.. the #39;passed out people.#39; They are the perfect subject to shoot, as they don#39;t move and are more
  • I decided to capture the unspoken world of the festival.. the #39;passed out people.#39; They are the perfect subject to shoot, as they don#39;t move and are more

  • PghLondon
    May 1, 05:32 AM
    This is great news if it means the end of mobile me. Die Mobile Me - DIE DIE DIE. Anything will be better than the self centered sounding I simply will not use the email address in a professional context. Don't mind, and still use it, but sends the wrong message.

    Oh my goodness, the irony.

    passed out people. party on
  • party on

  • Reach9
    Mar 23, 04:58 PM
    11...21...31...whatever the age ones mode of attire is not an invitation or deterrent to rape. I swear some of the characters are straight out of "The Handmaid's Tale".

    Sorry but you need to come out of your fantasy world.

    Is rape wrong? Yes.
    Is dressing provocatively stupid? Yes.

    If i was walking down an alley in the middle of the night and if i was stabbed, then sure the suspect would be in trouble, but i would be the idiot for walking down that alley at night.


    passed out people. of passed out people in
  • of passed out people in

  • wrxguy
    Apr 19, 07:49 AM
    This months wallpaper is from a photo I took in
    Phuket Thailand282073

    passed out people. Dont Pass Out When People are
  • Dont Pass Out When People are

  • Consultant
    Mar 28, 12:01 AM
    Open iTunes, open preferences / sharing.


    passed out people. Passed out people at your
  • Passed out people at your

  • ghost187
    Apr 13, 09:44 AM
    Just because someone hasn't left iPhone 5 in a bar this year doesn't mean we are not going to see iPhone 5 in June like we have seen every single iPhone before it (ok iPhone 3G slipped into July, but big deal). Apple is predictable people. I guarantee that we will see an iPhone 5 in June. And ofcourse Apple hasn't given a roadmap out, because they are keeping it hush hush this year.

    passed out people. passed out drunk people.
  • passed out drunk people.

  • bigrobb
    Dec 13, 12:05 PM
    here is my mac one


    passed out people. Passed Out
  • Passed Out

  • Metatron
    Sep 27, 01:22 AM
    sad that old people dont want their children having sex when they are both old enough, or sad that those two are haveing sex?

    Both. I won't pass judgement or defend that because the gov't sees someones as an adult that they are wise enough to make responsible decisions. What I personally think could matter less.

    Simply put, he might be an adult, great, but if you live under my roof and I don't want you to do something you will not do it, or you will leave. Your an adult right? So provide for yourself.

    A person can be old in age and have no wisdom. And I haven't heard of any wise young men, but I do know a few old wise men.

    passed out people. Christina Aguilera Passed Out
  • Christina Aguilera Passed Out

  • semaja2
    Dec 25, 07:58 PM
    Hey guys my new ibook and its batery in coconut battery is reporting werid things like ive does the calbiration and in cocunut it says orginal : 4400mah but the current is 4573mah


    passed out people. passed out on the street,
  • passed out on the street,

  • lucrosus
    Apr 18, 07:30 AM
    Hi everyone. I have the 2011 15" MBP and need help to get my printer working. First, let me tell you what I have so far.

    The MBP 15" 2011 has all the softwares updated. I installed Windows 7 via Boot Camp, then installed Parallels. So far so good. Next, I installed Quickbooks and Office both for Windows. BTW, it is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

    After setting up, I was glad to be able to use the MBP and run Quickbooks and Office programs side by side under Mac OS. Next, I tried to connect the old Epson LX-300 printer. This is where my problem started and remains unresolved.

    I still could not get the Epson printer to be installed properly on the Mac OS, so I downloaded the Epson printer driver v2.6, I think. It is a huge file at something like 800+ mb if I remember correctly. After installing this file, I finally managed to install the printer by following the instructions from an Epson support site. At this point, I have not test printed.

    Next, I ran Quickbooks under Mac OS, but when I wanted to print, I could not find the Epson LX-300.

    I really needed to print invoices, so I shutdown the computer, rebooted using Windows 7. Supposed to be, when I connect the printer, Windows should be able identify and install the necessary driver. Unfortunately, this did not work.

    What happens is that when I plug in the printer via USB, on the control panel of Windows 7, it will show USB printer. That's it. When I try to print, I cannot find the Epson printer... Even USB Printer is not available.

    HELP! I need to be able to print. I don't care if this is only possible by booting into Windows 7 OS... Which at this point, doesn't even work.

    If anyone could show me how to set this thing properly, at least make the printer work on Wndows 7, or better, make it work even if I am on Mac OS running Windows programs.


    passed out people. Uncoached - People Passed out
  • Uncoached - People Passed out

  • SciFrog
    Apr 23, 11:23 AM
    The CPUs running bigadv especially are much more efficient (better ppd/watt) than GPUs...


    passed out people. SOMETIMES PEOPLE PASS OUT AND

  • Patricia0709
    May 1, 09:32 PM
    So I got my Photoshop on Mac last year and somehow, I think I accidentally pressed something. I used to have a transparent background whenever I use it so I can see the desktop but now it's all gray and boring. How do I turn it back? I have the Translucent option checked btw. Thanks for any help that will come.

    passed out people. with passed out people to
  • with passed out people to

  • whis
    Apr 16, 09:59 PM
    Just got the update in iTunes today bwahahahah


    passed out people. 4 girls passed out
  • 4 girls passed out

  • nomar383
    Jun 23, 02:32 PM
    Does anyone have a monitor or LCD TV that they want to sell? I have been looking around and decided to check here before making a purchase. Make me an offer, or suggest somewhere with a great deal on LCD monitors right now

    passed out people. to Pass Out Drunk | Fork
  • to Pass Out Drunk | Fork

  • Fc97accord
    Apr 22, 11:02 AM
    iOS for iphone is an exclusive smartphone OS. Or are you telling me that ipod touch and ipad run the same exact OS?

    Laptops and desktops run the same exact OS. There are no apps that are made specifically for a laptop or desktop. There are iphone apps that wont run on an ipod touch. There are ipad apps that wont run on an ipod touch or an iphone. If they were the same OS then that wouldnt happen.

    Because it's common sense.

    Wow I can't believe you have not used an iPad or iPod touch, they are the exact same os feel and look.
    You are wrong, research a little before you make false statements


    passed out people. Drawing on passed-out people
  • Drawing on passed-out people

  • le sacre
    Nov 2, 03:53 PM
    i pre-ordered mine at the beginning of october, and got it this morning (engraving and all--wow, small engraving font!). very positive first impression.

    i can see why some people complain about the clip at first: you expect it to be like a binder clip. i think apple's design is actually fine. there's a decent amount of force when the clip is wide open, and then when it's almost closed there's less force, the majority of its fastening power being supplied by the overlapping "teeth." for its intended use--clipping to clothes--i think it's great. whether it will clip successfully to other materials i think depends on the thickness (thicker is better up to a quarter inch or so), pliability (so the teeth can catch some material), and whether there is a thicker edge to catch onto. works flawlessly clipped on a shirt collar, any pocket, a flap with a thick edge, belt loop, anything you can clip it onto pointing down, etc. not so great on pinches of fine fabric. of course there's barely any weight to jostle it off. i expect no problems.

    sound quality of course is fine. haven't bought an ipod since '03, so i was pleasantly surprised by the "old" headphones' cord adjuster (you can cinch it up so that the left/right cords are held together up to a point of your choosing--is that new?). i ordered one of those pairs of logitech bluetooth headphones that are super cheap on account of their fragility, and am very excited to try to rig up a cordless gym-going system.

    the little dock is quite nice. pleasantly weighty for such a tiny form factor, and has a bottom surface that really seems to grip my desk, which is great--reassures you that it won't blow away or tip over.

    i think once again apple's done a great job of providing more control and info than you would expect out of such a simple interface. my favorite example: hitting the "play/pause" button three times takes you to a random song (in shuffle mode), or to the first song in your list (in standard mode--very useful!) this is probably not new, but i didn't know about it before and like it a lot. you can also press and hold the play/pause button to toggle the hold mode (shutting off responsiveness of the buttons). and unplugging headphones automatically pauses playback.

    itunes 7.0.2 worked great to load it up (though being used to my 3rd gen ipod i miss the speed of firewire). now when i plug in the shuffle there are two tabs at the top of the content window--one for settings and one for content.

    so overall i love it. if forced, i could come up with 1.5 complaints. 1) the engraving is kind of hard to read--small, part of it just slightly fuzzy. .5) though i totally don't expect it to slip from wherever i clip it, i would probably feel more secure if the clip were a bit stronger.

    passed out people. passed out
  • passed out

  • ArmyyStrongg
    Apr 21, 08:11 PM
    So i bought this 1.5TB external hard drive and didnt see it required reformatting or i wouldnt of bought it. So now i plug it into my mac, go to disk utilities and it doesnt even pick it up. Its just picking up my normal mac hard drive.

    Any ideas of what i can do?

    passed out people. Sneaking objects past people
  • Sneaking objects past people

  • Macman756
    Jun 9, 11:24 PM
    Me and a few friends are waiting out at the Lenox mall Apple store. Anybody going?

    Apr 28, 03:17 AM
    :confused:I have seen the following link in an ad:
    I think it looks quite good. Sorry, the link is not pointing to a purchase of this phone.
    Does anyone know what is it? Does anyone recognize this logo or brand?
    Looking forward to your ideas.

    Jun 19, 01:56 AM
    have a personal shop booked for 10am, so will be gone by 11, I hope.

    Good good !! See you there !

    Apr 21, 01:00 AM
    Just took this photo of my GFs brand new 2011 Honda Fit. Used the screen and LED flash(light) on my Nexus One.

    Mar 29, 09:38 PM
    Just got a new 6th gen Nano. About 20 seconds into anything being played, it shuts down.. apparently going to sleep. The alarm clock is not on. Nothing in the fitness area is turned on. I've reset it to factory defaults. Any info or ideas concerning why it keeps going to sleep? Thanks!!

    Apr 28, 11:52 AM
    No surprises here, the majority of people are waiting for the next iPhone.

    Do you think that the majority of the people know that the next iPhone is coming soon? Do you think they are up to date on Apple's release cycle?

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