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Thursday, June 2, 2011

3d wallpaper for mobile phone

3d wallpaper for mobile phone. free animated cell phone
  • free animated cell phone

  • HarryPot
    May 5, 10:15 AM
    But lives could be saved if we did tests on them, probably 100's of thousands of lives.

    Isn't your point that the ends justify the means? If we torture people we might be able to obtain information and save lives? Well if saving lives is the goal we should be testing drugs and experimental procedures on criminals after all it will save lives.

    Should we torture criminals we catch (in this country) until they inform on other criminals they know? After all it might save lives.

    We can keep going in circles. I think you do get what I mean with the "medical testing" thing.

    Again, you are taking one sentence I said and ignoring the rest. I also said that each case needs to be analyzed individually at the end. Hence the people who are part of the police/army/intelligence agencies/etc need to be intelligent and sensible people.

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3d wallpapers for mobile free
  • 3d wallpapers for mobile free

  • stooovie
    Apr 4, 11:18 AM
    Yes it WILL slow down your device, just a bit. Launching animation will be ocassionally jerky or cut off altogether, as apps struggle with limited memory.

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. animated wallpapers for mobile
  • animated wallpapers for mobile

  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 08:48 AM
    I still use a Verizon dumbphone. I see no real reason to switch to iphone, simply because I have little interest in the device (plus, I can't afford a data plan right now, which is required when you buy a Verizon smartphone)

    Verizon requires a $30 month data plan....AT&T offers one for $15 if you don't use a lot of data. That'll save you $360 over the 2 year contract.

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3d Wallpapers For Mobile
  • 3d Wallpapers For Mobile

  • Samelson03
    Aug 17, 08:40 AM (

    Great desktop! what's that "WIP" app?


    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3d wallpapers for mobile free
  • 3d wallpapers for mobile free

  • DylanLikesPorn
    Jun 15, 11:44 PM
    Wow. That's a retina avatar. I can make out every letter!

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. free animated wallpapers for
  • free animated wallpapers for

  • Mr_Brightside_@
    Apr 10, 11:06 PM


    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. animated wallpaper for
  • animated wallpaper for

  • Jomskylark
    May 6, 06:45 PM

    For this upcoming Mother's Day I'd like to present her with a family photo, but overloaded with silly effects. Think clown nose, devil horns, and moustaches.

    Does anybody know of a good, free (or demo) app that can do this? I don't necessarily need those specific effects. Sorry for the short notice.


    PS. If nobody knows then I know of a couple iPhone apps that might be able to accomplish this, but I'd rather use my Mac.

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  • myworld2008
    Mar 11, 01:42 PM
    Any one at Willowbrook Mall Wayne NJ??? I m stack at work till 5 so i can't go till 5. let me know if you are there and how's line??


    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3d wallpaper for mobile phone.
  • 3d wallpaper for mobile phone.

  • grady2007
    Apr 7, 09:01 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    I had battery drain with 4.3.1 until I turned off Ping and restarted my phone. Since then, good battery life.

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. Build yourself your own
  • Build yourself your own

  • rakidder
    Apr 25, 11:08 AM
    I tried cleaning out the pins on the bottom of the phone, but still no luck. Still comes up with a message saying "This accessory is not supported by iphone" when I try and play it through the speakers.


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  • Blue Hand Cell Phone Pics

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 5, 03:15 PM
    The real problem here is that not enough women are standing in front of their mirrors after dressing and asking themselves "if I get raped wearing this, will I be blamed?"

    Look out, here they come!!!

    If I wear a nice business suit, am I to blame when I get mugged?

    If you are on your iPhone 4, and have a MacAir in your bag, yes. :p

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  • 3D Love Theme Wallpaper - 4.0

  • Doctor Q
    Apr 19, 11:23 PM
    It should be gone now.


    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. animated cell phone wallpaper
  • animated cell phone wallpaper

  • Ha ze
    Nov 21, 12:11 AM
    But that is the problem. Instant messaging has been on phones for over two years. Why would they want to sell a phone on instant messaging if everybody pretty much already has a phone with IM already? There's no reason to buy it if they're going to advertise a feature people already have it on their phones.

    And how exactly is IM faster than texting?

    just seems to me that people are acting like its a feature that shouldn't be on a phone rather then one that is almost standard. it also just seems that IM's are quicker conversations then texts, but maybe i'm wrong about that cause on phones it's pretty much the same thing.

    Yes, especially on the tiny keypad on a phone? At best, the iPhone might have a slid-out keypad, which won't make IM-ing any faster than texting.

    yea, but i think that if they do a full tiny keyboard, they will be going for something similar to a sidekick. the sidekick 3 was a major let down.

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  • splash-animated-3d-graphics-

  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 14, 06:17 PM
    Here's a pic of my hunting dog cropped and shrunken down to 75 pixels.


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  • Animated Wallpapers For Mobile

  • GuntherS
    Sep 11, 01:06 PM
    This is mine!

    Audi R8 Wallpaper: Link (

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  • Free Mobile Phone Wallpapers,

  • Jamesl94
    Aug 1, 08:14 PM
    Kurt Cobain's suicide note?!

    5 gold stars to you! Yaaaaay.



    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3d Wallpapers Free Download
  • 3d Wallpapers Free Download

  • triceretops
    Apr 4, 10:23 PM
    Hey people, it's inflation, get used to it. The price of everything is going up in case you live under a rock and haven't noticed.

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  • Large Animated Wallpapers for

  • Consultant
    Apr 4, 10:00 AM
    That's fricken lame. Bad greedy carrier.

    3d wallpaper for mobile phone. 3D Amazing Pic Wallpaper ii
  • 3D Amazing Pic Wallpaper ii

  • gatepc
    Jan 2, 12:46 AM
    And you're set up to fold for team 3446 right?

    Of course I already have around 480 folds on the team thanks to my PS3.

    Sep 21, 03:27 PM
    I liked it. I liked their other album/s better though.

    Also, this can be part of This Thread (

    Oct 18, 01:52 PM
    Oh sweet. I thought I might have to go down to the Apple Store on the Plaza. Do you know if they're getting those limited edition Leopard T-Shirts for the first few people who buy it also?

    Oct 3, 03:02 PM

    This was taken from the site Shorpy Historic photo archive

    Oct 2, 08:10 AM
    God I hate Notes- it's an operating system on top of an operating system. It's databases are just a step up from Access and to be honest - it's a pig.

    I've been forced to use the piece a crap for over 5 years (I'm a consultant) and it had brought me great pleasure to help large scale enterprises move away from this overstuffed piece of crap.

    Is Exchange any better - yes and no - in general they both are crappy. The biggest advantage of Notes is that their CALs (licenses) are so cheep compared to Exchange/Outlook.

    When I start looking for a new job - the first question I'll ask is which Universal Messaging Platform have you deployed in your Enterprise? If they answer "Notes" I'll know the following about their organziation:

    1. They care more about the dollar than about usability and employee satisfaction
    2. The VP of IT is probably sleeping with the IBM rep
    3. The business only uses it because they don't know any better (they've been there too long and have never used anything other than Notes and AOL).
    4. They think that Notes databases are cool and hip and truly believe Access is an enterprise level database
    5. And finally, they are so damn stupid they probably have Lotus 123 and Word Perfect as their "Office Suite"

    "Save me lord from these fools"

    You seem to be contradicting yourself here... You say you hate notes.. But suggest it's "equally" as crappy as Exchange.. Then you admit that the CAL's are actually cheaper then Exchange... From your reasoning it would seem that makes notes better by itself. Your listed items are meaningless so I won't address them..

    Some advantages to Notes....

    the server runs on many platforms (Windows, Linux. iSeries, etc...)
    The client runs on many platforms (windows, linux, mac) or you can just use a browser...
    REPLICATION... Say it again. REPLICATION.. What does this mean? You can replicate a database to other servers or desktops/laptops. That's really nice to have if something happens to your hardware... It's not clustering - Notes has that too... So the same database can be on many servers if need be or you can take it locally and work with it off-line.. I don't know a microsoft technology that would let someone take a CRM application on the road.. make updates to the data while off line and put it back on the server later.. And it doesn't matter if it's one person or 100 people doing this. Maybe Sharepoint can kinda do this now - I truly don't know - But notes has been doing this for over 15 years... Not bad..

    That's just a couple advantages..

    Oh one more thing...;)

    It's nice getting new versions of the server on a regular basis that actually improve performance on existing hardware. What's Microsoft do? force Exchange users to 64 bit servers....

    It takes us longer to download a server update then it does to install it.

    Jul 6, 04:28 AM
    Does anybody know whether Apple has any plans to build in suppport for Sony's MicroMV format into iMovie in the near future?

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